Valencia The City

The Metropolitan Area of Valencia/ Great Tacarigua is the main delimitation urban unofficial of the State Carabobo enVenezuela, Perimeter Lake Tacarigua, comprising in it 5 Municipalities:( Municipality Valencia, Municipality Naguanagua, Municipality San Diego, Municipality Los Guayos and Municipio Libertador), as well as the surrounding municipalities Guacara, San Joaquin, Diego Ibarra and Carlos Arvelo forming for all the effects as a unit urban absolutely indivisible of 9 municipalities without any of these suffer detriment in its autonomy, functions political and administrative and courts.
This conurbanización was performed by the close approach to Lake Tacariagua and the relationship socio- economic between populations, inhabitants, municipalities and cities; comprising a whole a population 2.283.035. according to the INE for 2013, making it the third Area largest metropolitan and populated deVenezuela. Ranked a whole area from the Lake Tacarigua, the stretch of the Costa de la Cordillera Central in the north, to the Sabana of Carabobo the south. And from La Cabrera the east to the Reservoir Guataparo west. north- south the runs an artery road understood from Avenue University enNaguanagua( which in turn reaches the sector the entry into the road old to Puerto cabello), through the Avenida Bolivar North, to the Center Valencia with Avenue Constitution, and reaches the South with the Avenues Bolivar- South and fairs; ending in the Plaza de Toros Monumental of Valencia.



I along with my family decided to spend the Carnival holiday in the United States

 My holiday began in miami


Miami is a city of Florida, wide beaches and paradisiacal keys, giant malls, theme parks, luxury rides, celebrities, exciting nightlife and delicious cuisine.

 In Miami can explore the popular area of ​​Miami Beach, enjoy an afternoon on the beach in Key Biscayne, shop at outlets for unusual price or the most luxurious shops, visit a piece of Cuba in Little Havana and an adventure in the swamps Everglades.

 On our first night we went to the supermarket and bought some things to eat, we walked around some streets and we came to the room, went to bed early

My Weekend

I went with good friends to Stumblin to take a few drinks and dance. The night really was nice all people were happy, the music was very good and the drinks excellent.


We went to the home at midnight.

 On Saturday morning i went to tennis class of my daughter.  was the first class and my expectations were high


Later we went with my parents to trincity, walked and looked the shops.

 That night all went to dinner in Movietown in a restaurant of seafood but don’t  remember the name.


 I ate lobster soup and were absolutely delicious and drunk a amaretto sour very delicious too. over dinner enjoyed a calypso concert.

 On sunday we meet with our friends and went to the maracas beach. The day was so beautiful, the sea had amazing colors green, the blue sky and weather very sunny. The was so perfect day…



My first visit to Tobago with my family, the flight is very fast and the hotel is near airport.

We were The Coco Reef Hotel, it is an glamorous hotel, his architecture is beautiful and very interesting,all the walls are decorated with fantastic pictures.


The sea is the beautiful blue, the water is delicious and the wonderful weather.

it’s an amazing island and the habits are very friendly.


We were drove around of the island, we went to pigeon point and ate seafood at store bay beach.

Unquestionably the food is very delicious, curry crab and shrimp.


In the night we went to the pizza place near the hotel is very good place i can recommend.

My daughter was in the sea all time, I did snorkeling all day.


My best friend

My best friend’s name is Joe and we met at the work, Atento is a call center company and we work by the CANTV. we were responsible the department attention the important client and companies.

Those days were fun and special we became one big family.

Joe is an interesting person, he has a lot topics to talking all days.

He has a good job, he is a manager at the Todo Tickets, this company pertain at Banesco Group which is the more important bank in venezuela.

He has a very nice family. We went traveling together in venezuela.

His son is my godson and together we skate, on holidays and weekends we go to the beach and do surfing and paddling.

Correction email

23 St. Mary’s Road,

Dublin 4, Irelan

Tuesday, 10 May

Dear Stephanie

How are you? I’m very well. I came to Dubblin two weeks ago to study at a language school. I want to learn English because it’s a very important language. I’m stay with an Irish Family. They’ve got two sons and a daughter. Mr Kendall is a teacher and Mrs Kendall works in a hospital. The Irish are very kind, but they speak very quickly!.

I study in the morning. My teacher’s name is Ann. She says me that my English is Ok , but I have a lot of mistakes.

Ann doesn’t give us too much homework, so in the afternoons I always go sightsseing. Dublin is much bigger than my town. I like painting very much and I’m very interested in modern art, so I visit galleries and museums. I’ve met a girl named Martina. She comes from Spain and goes to Trinity College. Last night we went to the cinema, but the film wasn’t very exciting.

Do you like to visit me? Why don’t you come for a weekend?

I’d love to see you.

Write to me soon.

Love, Kati

New York

I has visited several cities in the world but my favorite is NY

NY is the most cosmopolitan city in the United States with 8,214,246 inhabitants.

NY love cold weather, I love the mix of smells, the city smells like cold, hot dogs, roasted chestnuts, it is divine.


I like walking for the streets, look as the people live, are multiracial faces of all parts of the world and the distinct religions

The last year we went to the thanksgiving desfile is amazing, Giant balloons, see great artists, Hollywood personalities, singers and big bands.

You enchant me its skyscrapers, the mixture enters the old and new architecture.


The nights  in NY are fantastic, the restaurant are very fabulous, theater, show, mall,  shops, all in NY is amazing