El Avila

The city of Caracas, capital of Venezuela, is separated from the sea by the mountain range of Avila, which protects of the surprises weather Caribbean Sea.

From the top of Avila is possible to admire the same time the valley of Caracas and the blue Caribbean Sea. There, almost under the same sky, you can descansarse heat and breathe fresh air and fresh.

You can reach this attractive top by multiple paths tourist very well enabled National Park Avila or in a comfortable vagoncito cable car, a kind of path air suspended by cables. This path air was built, as many other things in Caracas, during the mandate of the General Marcos Pérez Jiménez, and opened for the broad public on 19 April 1956.

Since then became one of the attractions of the capital. In about 15-20 minutes, the comfortable cabin, with capacity for 8 people, exceeds the distance of 3, 5 miles goes up to passengers to a height of 1100 meters above Caracas.

There await tourists a walk by the top, many monoculars pointing towards the sea and to Caracas, kiosks souvenirs, flowers and sweet local are brought from Galipán, populated mountain located in the steep slopes oriented the sea.

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