Beaches in Venezuela Part 3

6. Playa la piscina

It is part of Mochima National Park, located between Puerto La Cruz and Cumana. It is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Venezuela. The pool is a beach located on the island of Arapo. It is part of a coral formation between two islands with a small island in the center. It offers tourists the most crystal blue waters, hence its name: it is a real natural pool.

9. Playa Grande

It is located in the town of Choroni in Aragua state. More than 800 meters long where the Caribbean Sea shown majestically. It features a large coconut grove that adorn the coast, capturing the attention of visitors, who equally admired the great mountains bordering this paradise.

10. Isla La Blanquilla

Located to the north of the island of Margarita, it is characterized by a combination of blue that stands out on white sand. It is currently guarded by the GNB, but the national government, reported in April 2015, which is making efforts to incorporate La Blanquilla as a new destination for vacationers.

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