Valencia The City

The Metropolitan Area of Valencia/ Great Tacarigua is the main delimitation urban unofficial of the State Carabobo enVenezuela, Perimeter Lake Tacarigua, comprising in it 5 Municipalities:( Municipality Valencia, Municipality Naguanagua, Municipality San Diego, Municipality Los Guayos and Municipio Libertador), as well as the surrounding municipalities Guacara, San Joaquin, Diego Ibarra and Carlos Arvelo forming for all the effects as a unit urban absolutely indivisible of 9 municipalities without any of these suffer detriment in its autonomy, functions political and administrative and courts.
This conurbanización was performed by the close approach to Lake Tacariagua and the relationship socio- economic between populations, inhabitants, municipalities and cities; comprising a whole a population 2.283.035. according to the INE for 2013, making it the third Area largest metropolitan and populated deVenezuela. Ranked a whole area from the Lake Tacarigua, the stretch of the Costa de la Cordillera Central in the north, to the Sabana of Carabobo the south. And from La Cabrera the east to the Reservoir Guataparo west. north- south the runs an artery road understood from Avenue University enNaguanagua( which in turn reaches the sector the entry into the road old to Puerto cabello), through the Avenida Bolivar North, to the Center Valencia with Avenue Constitution, and reaches the South with the Avenues Bolivar- South and fairs; ending in the Plaza de Toros Monumental of Valencia.


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