Strawberry fiel

The Imagine Mosaic in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields is an internationally funded tribute to John Lennon, ex-Beatle and long time New York City resident.  On December 8th, 1980 Mr. Lennon was shot dead as he entered his home at the Dakota Apartment Building at 72nd St. and Central Park West. John Lennon had taken many walks with his wife and young son through the friendly confines of nearby Central Park. Long a favorite son of his adopted city John Lennon wasn’t simply New York’s Beatle, he was, for many, the embodiment of the spirit on which city had been built. One half urbane cynic and one half romantic dreamer, he unabashedly embraced the disparate parts which, as every New Yorker knows, combine to form a uniquely gifted, passionate individual. And city.  The Imagine Mosaic has become a gathering place for fans of Mr.Lennon from all over the world and it is here that you can almost always find someone strumming a guitar to the tune of one of his many song.


Los Medanos de Coro

Médanos de Coro National Park is a Venezuelan national park located in the state of Falcón, near the city of Coro on the road that leads to Paraguaná. The National Park was created in 1974. The park is easily reached by bus or taxi from Coro.

The Médanos park lies on the Isthmus of Médanos and covers 91 km2 of desert and coastal habitat, including salt marshes. It is made up of three zones: an alluvial plain, formed by the delta of the Mitare River and some smaller streams; an aeolian plain, constituted of three types of dunes; and a littoral plain with a belt of mangrove swamps. The massive sand dunes, known as Médanos, spread over an area of approximately 5 by 30 km (3.1 by 18.6 mi). They can reach 40 m (130 ft) in height and are constantly transformed by the unrelenting wind.

El Avila

The city of Caracas, capital of Venezuela, is separated from the sea by the mountain range of Avila, which protects of the surprises weather Caribbean Sea.

From the top of Avila is possible to admire the same time the valley of Caracas and the blue Caribbean Sea. There, almost under the same sky, you can descansarse heat and breathe fresh air and fresh.

You can reach this attractive top by multiple paths tourist very well enabled National Park Avila or in a comfortable vagoncito cable car, a kind of path air suspended by cables. This path air was built, as many other things in Caracas, during the mandate of the General Marcos Pérez Jiménez, and opened for the broad public on 19 April 1956.

Since then became one of the attractions of the capital. In about 15-20 minutes, the comfortable cabin, with capacity for 8 people, exceeds the distance of 3, 5 miles goes up to passengers to a height of 1100 meters above Caracas.

There await tourists a walk by the top, many monoculars pointing towards the sea and to Caracas, kiosks souvenirs, flowers and sweet local are brought from Galipán, populated mountain located in the steep slopes oriented the sea.


Keany is my daughter, she has 5 year old, she is a beautiful girl, she like the beach, dolls and play a lot.


Keany study at The Briggs School in cascade. she has good friends and together enjoy the school.

 keany is very clever but she is at extra class and contemporary dance every day


 Her favorite food is pizza napolitan also likes pasta, fries, chicken and strawberry juice.

 On weekends we also go to the beach or playground in the park Nelson Mandela.


 She likes the cartoons and her favorites are the house Mickey mouse, Scooby-Doo, Dora and the sheriff Caly.


I love my daughter.

Beaches in Venezuela Part 3

6. Playa la piscina

It is part of Mochima National Park, located between Puerto La Cruz and Cumana. It is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Venezuela. The pool is a beach located on the island of Arapo. It is part of a coral formation between two islands with a small island in the center. It offers tourists the most crystal blue waters, hence its name: it is a real natural pool.

9. Playa Grande

It is located in the town of Choroni in Aragua state. More than 800 meters long where the Caribbean Sea shown majestically. It features a large coconut grove that adorn the coast, capturing the attention of visitors, who equally admired the great mountains bordering this paradise.

10. Isla La Blanquilla

Located to the north of the island of Margarita, it is characterized by a combination of blue that stands out on white sand. It is currently guarded by the GNB, but the national government, reported in April 2015, which is making efforts to incorporate La Blanquilla as a new destination for vacationers.

Beaches in Venezuela Part 2

4. Playa Corrales

Located in Miranda state, east of Chirimena, a wide beach 600 meters long, which can not be seen from the road to be at the foot of a hill is.

This destination is known for its high waves, ideal conditions for surfing.

5. Bahía de Cata

It is located 58 km from Maracay on the road to El Limón and is one of the busiest beaches of Aragua state. It offers many lodging options that facilitate the stay to tourists.

6. Playa Medina

Located on the north coast of Sucre state, it has an extensive coconut grove program that allows complete comfort.

 The sea is deep blue with a gentle surf. Excellent option to enjoy with the family.

Beaches in Venezuela Part 1

Venezuela is characterized by the majesty of its landscapes, making it one of the best tourist destinations of the world

1. Los Roques is located 176 km north of Caracas and leads the list of the most visited destinations by tourists. A huge extension of calm sea with clear waters and white sands, make it a place unforgettable.

2. Island La Tortuga Located about 85 km from Miranda state. With an extension of 156, 60 km², including their keys adjacent, is the second largest island of Venezuela. is characterized by be a scenario beautiful white sand and spectacular turquoise waters, that make it a great paradise Venezuelan.

3. El Yaque is located in the south side of Margarita Island 3 km from the International Airport the island. internationally known as one of the best places in the world with ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing.